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Carbon Positive provides comprehensive certification for New Zealand businesses seeking to achieve positive impact through an easy to understand & cost efficient process. 

Our tools enable businesses to measure their carbon footprint, identify greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, and offset GHG emissions. See 'Become Certified' for more information about the process to become carbon positive certified.

We provide a free carbon emissions calculator for individuals and businesses wanting a guide of their potential emissions before making the decision to become certified.

While offsetting your emissions to carbon zero / carbon neutral is a great start, we believe it’s important to go further than just ‘offsetting for the damage done’. Our carbon positive certification allows businesses to make a positive difference to the environment through offsetting 125% of emissions. This approach has many benefits including:

~Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by standing out above the rest with our leading certification

~Create a tangible positive difference for the environment rather than just offsetting emissions to neutral

~Identify solutions to reduce carbon that make a genuine difference to society & our future

~Identify inefficiencies that can allow for cost savings as well as reductions in future offset costs

~Identify a benchmark of emissions & proof of climate change action within your business

~Carbon Positive Certification can be promoted to your customers and stakeholders to strengthen your brand & build good corporate citizenship

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Your Journey To Become 125% Carbon Positive Certified Is Easier Than You Might Think. Certification Can Be Achieved In As Little As A Couple Of Hour's Work From Your End - Let Our Support Team Take Care Of The Rest. We've Simplified The Certification Process In 6 Steps Below. Find Out More Here

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