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Carbon Positive offers comprehensive certification for New Zealand businesses seeking to create a positive impact through an easy & cost efficient process. 


Our tools enable businesses to measure their carbon footprint, identify greenhouse gas reductions, and offset emissions. For more information, see 'Become Certified'.

We provide a free carbon emissions calculator that allows individuals and businesses assess their potential emissions before becoming certified.

While offsetting your emissions to carbon zero or carbon neutral is a great start, we believe it’s important to go further than just ‘offsetting for the damage done’. Our carbon positive certification allows businesses to make a positive difference to the environment through offsetting 125% of emissions.


Benefits include:

  • Make a tangible and positive environmental impact

  • Identify effective carbon reduction solutions that make a genuine difference to society & our future

  • Uncover inefficiencies for cost savings and future offset reductions

  • Establish an emissions benchmark and demonstrate climate change action

  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors with our leading certification

  • Promote Carbon Positive Certified to your customers and stakeholders to strengthen your brand & build good corporate citizenship


Your Journey To Become 125% Carbon Positive Certified Is Easier Than You Might Think. Certification Can Be Achieved In As Little As A Couple Of Hour's Work From Your End. Let Our Support Team Take Care Of The Rest. We've Simplified The Certification Process In 6 Steps Below. Find Out More Here

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