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We provide a free carbon emissions calculator for businesses wanting an idea of their potential emissions before making the decision to become carbon positive certified. Please note, this sample calculator does not contain all the values for measuring your business emissions & so it should not be used to accurately measure or offset your emissions. For a full emissions calculator please contact us here.

Please see the following information before downloading the calculator at the bottom of the page

What Is Measured In The Free Calculator:

  • Our free carbon calculator provides a summary of the common GHG emissions and is suitable for businesses wanting to get an idea of their potential GHG emissions prior to taking the step to become carbon positive certified.

  • Unlike some basic online calculators, our calculators follow the GHG protocol with a breakdown of emission gas types and totals expressed in CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), covering CO2, NO2, CH4.

  • Enter data reflecting the GHG emissions created directly and indirectly over a 12 month period. 

  • This calculator does not cover all the emissions required for carbon positive certification. Our full version calculator includes a breakdown of the emissions into scope categories (scope 1, 2, 3) that is required to follow the GHG protocol standards (see the Standards section in 'Become Certified').


Emission Categories In The Free Calculator:

Our free carbon calculator covers the most common emissions from 8 measured areas:​

  1. Fuel emissions, including stationary fuels, biofuel, & transport fuel used for company vehicles​​

  2. Electricity used emissions & transmission/distribution losses from the electricity used

  3. Working from home emissions

  4. Refrigerants / other gas emissions

  5. Travel emissions, including employee commutes in non-company owned transport as well as accommodation

  6. Freight, including road, air, sea, and rail

  7. Water supply & wastewater removal emissions 

  8. Waste emissions

Specific emissions related to industries such as importing, primary industries, or construction are not shown in the free calculator. Customised data sheets are provided when you apply for carbon positive certification.

Data & Receipts Required To Complete The Calculator:

  • Fuels, oils, and gas purchased​

  • Vehicle fuel usage 

  • Electricity usage

  • Work from home days

  • Refrigerant and other gas purchases

  • Commute distances and modes of commute

  • Flights & accommodation records

  • Freight receipts from third parties

  • Inhouse freight records

  • Water & wastewater usage

  • Waste records

General Calculator FAQ:

  • This calculator takes about 30% less time to complete than our full version.

  • With readily available data, it should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

  • Data from this free calculator is not collected, stored, or used by Carbon Positive.

Click Download Calculator Below To Find Out Your Carbon Emissions (excel download)

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