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Your Journey To Become 125% Carbon Positive Certified Is Easier Than You Might Think. Certification Can Be Achieved In As Little As A Couple Of Hour's Work From Your End - Let Our Support Team Take Care Of The Rest. We've Simplified The Explanation Of The Process Below:

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1. Contact Us

 • Fill out the contact us form here. We will respond within 1 working day.

• We'll carry out a few checks & organise for certification payment (see our pricing below)

2. Measure Carbon

• You receive our customised greenhouse gas (GHG) calculator in excel format. Our support team will take care of any questions that you might have. 

• Enter & submit the last 12 months of data into the calculator. We recommend using data from the latest completed financial year or recently completed calendar year.

3. Reduce Emissions

• We will analyse your submitted data & provide practical solutions to reduce future GHG emissions.

• We also compare the results of your emissions against your previous base year benchmark (only for repeat filing from annual carbon positive businesses).

4. Certification Checks

• We select data points & request proof of certain data and in some cases we may need to carry out onsite checks. We'll confirm the total carbon emissions to offset by 125%. We can sign a non disclosure agreement for viewing sensitive data, records, receipts, or you can redact sensitive data such as pricing / client names on supplied documents.

5. Offset Carbon

• Choose how you Offset your carbon emissions through one of our approved tree planting partners or by purchasing carbon credits on the open market within New Zealand. Provide proof of the offset to us.

6. Certification Awarded

• Certification is awarded, along with our carbon positive certified branding, which is valid for 12 months and is a powerful promotional tool to:

~Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by standing out above the rest with our leading certification.

~Identify inefficiencies that can allow for cost savings, as well as potential new markets for products & services that can be upsold to environmentally discerning customers.

~Certification can be promoted to your customers and stakeholders to strengthen your brand & build good corporate citizenship. Choose how you promote your certification through your website, media channels, vehicles signage, print, and client emails.

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Annual certification pricing for carbon positive certification includes:

 • A customised data sheet to measure your emissions

 • Our booklet of recommendations to reduce emissions

 • Checks to verify the data you have provided is correct

 • A summary report of emissions

Annual Certification Pricing

Small Business: 1-5 employees $490+gst

Small-Medium Business: 6-19 employees $790+gst

Medium Business: 20-49 employees  $1290+gst

Large Business: Please enquire here

Offset Carbon Cost

We have offset options from just $29.9+gst per Tonne CO2. Try our free carbon calculator to get an estimate of the potential offset cost. You have the flexibility to choose to offset through our verified native tree projects or to purchase New Zealand sourced carbon credits on the open market. You will need to offset 125% of the measured result to receive carbon positive certification valid for 12 months.

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What Is Measured

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol allocates GHG emission sources into 3 scopes:

• Scope 1: Direct emissions controlled by the individual or organisation, e.g. business vehicles, business equipment and buildings owned by the organisation.

• Scope 2: Indirect emissions from energy purchased & used by the individual or organisation, e.g. electricity, heating, cooling

• Scope 3: All other emissions from sources that the individual or organisation uses but does not control, e.g. air travel, working from home, staff transport to the office, transport of goods by a third party, leased assets, purchased goods & services, capital goods, & waste from operations.

The table below shows the breakdown of emission scopes. Content source: MFE


Our certification of your carbon footprint data is conducted in alignment with the 2022 NZ MFE measurement data which has been produced following international standards ISO 14064-1:2018 and the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. This allows your organisation to achieve a credible standard that is recognised by all stakeholders.  

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