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Your Journey To Become 125% Carbon Positive Certified Is Easier Than You Might Think. Certification Can Be Achieved In As Little As A Couple Of Hour's Work From Your End - Let Our Support Team Take Care Of The Rest. We've Simplified The Explanation Of The Process Below:


1. Contact Us

 • Please fill out the contact us form here. We will respond within 1 working day.

• We'll conduct checks & organise for certification payment (see pricing below)

2. Measure Carbon

• Receive our customised greenhouse gas calculator in excel format. Our support team will take care of any questions that you might have. 

• Enter & submit the last 12 months of data into the calculator. Use data from the latest completed financial year or recently completed 12 month period.


3. Reduce Emissions

• We will analyse your data & provide practical solutions to reduce future emissions.

• We also compare the results of your emissions against your previous base year benchmark (applies for year 2 measurements).

4. Certification Checks

• We select data points & request proof. We'll confirm the total carbon emissions to offset by 125%. We can sign a non disclosure agreement for viewing sensitive data, records, receipts, or you can redact sensitive data such as pricing / client names on supplied documents.

5. Offset Carbon

Offset your carbon emissions through one of our approved tree planting partners.

6. Certification Awarded

• Certification is awarded, along with our carbon positive certified branding, which is valid for 12 months.

Certification can be promoted to your customers and stakeholders to strengthen your brand & build good corporate citizenship. Choose how you promote your certification through your website, media channels, vehicles signage, print, and client emails.


Annual certification pricing includes:

 • Customised data sheet to measure your emissions

 • Booklet of recommendations to reduce emissions

 • Data vertification checks

 • Report of emissions, showing scope 1, 2, & 3

Annual Certification Pricing

Small Business (1-5 employees): $490+gst

Small-Medium Business (6-19 employees): $790+gst

Medium Business (20-49 employees):  $1290+gst

Large Business (50+ employees):  $1790+gst


Offset Carbon Pricing

Offsetting carbon emissions is priced at just $29.9+gst per Tonne CO2. Try our free carbon calculator to get an estimate of the potential offset cost. Businesses need to offset 125% of the measured result to receive carbon positive certification, valid for 12 months.


What Is Measured

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol allocates GHG emission sources into 3 scopes:

• Scope 1: Direct emissions controlled by the individual or organisation, e.g. business vehicles, business equipment and buildings owned by the organisation.

• Scope 2: Indirect emissions from energy purchased & used by the individual or organisation, e.g. electricity, heating, cooling

• Scope 3: All other emissions from sources that the individual or organisation uses but does not control, e.g. air travel, working from home, staff transport to the office, transport of goods by a third party, leased assets, purchased goods & services, capital goods, & waste from operations.

The table below shows the breakdown of emission scopes. Content source: MFE


Our certification of your carbon footprint data is conducted in alignment with the 2023 NZ MFE measurement data which has been produced following international standards ISO 14064-1:2018 and the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. This allows your organisation to achieve a credible standard that is recognised by all stakeholders.  

MFE Scopes.png
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